Open Mouth, Insert...

Roundup Roundup

A couple of things I found to divert your attention while I figure out what to do in this year's NaNoWriMo:

  • Apparently, the Philadelphia Flyers have discovered a time machine in the bowels of the Wachovia Center, and they're using it to...observe and participate in world events. Whatever you may feel about the Flyers' motives for these actions, I am forced to agree with Keith Primeau in the current installment; There is a little Sami Kapanen in all of us.
  • This past Friday the American Film Institute released its list of the top 25 film scores of all time (Otis: "...of all time..."). I'm pleased to see that I was able to pick 13 of the 25, though if I had tried to rank them like the AFI did, I would've been screwed. The one score that I didn't quite understand making the list was Grusin's "On Golden Pond". I'll admit to not having heard the score, so I want to hear it now to see how it stacks up to two better known scores released that same year: Vangelis' "Chariots of Fire" and Williams' "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

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