Open Mouth, Insert...

That Font

Sometimes even I surf to places I've never been before. Okay, that's probably like saying that a fish sometimes swims to places that it's never been before just because the water was there. Anyway, while surfing, I came across an interview with Vincent Connare. For those of you that don't know of him (and I suspect that's most of you), he's a type designer whose two best known fonts are Trebuchet and...Comic Sans. So, take one guess about what the interview is about! It's a well-mannered and entertaining (if short) interview, but the meat of the page is in the comments discussion, wherein Dave Combs, the man behind "ban comic sans", makes an appearance and a meeting of the minds is made.

Oh, and that pullquote is one of the best "lines" I've read in quite some time.

As for my own pseudo-informed take on Comic Sans? While I can understand Combs' position and agree that Comic Sans has been horribly mis-used over the years, I understand that the font (like many fonts, frankly) was designed for a specific purpose and when used appropriately is effective and even interesting. People just need to be educated that there are other fonts out there, if they are only willing to look.

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