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The HHH Milk Jug (or Did You Miss Me?)

Some of you may have noticed that I've been eerily quiet (as opposed to me stop that now) for the past several days. That's because I've been out of town, out of state and away from my internet connection with no inkling of wanting to reconnect until I came back. So where did I go? For those of you that didn't know before, here's a hint:

The HHH Metrodome, setting sail in its baseball configuration.

That's right, I made a trip up to Minnesota to visit relatives, catch a Twins game (which they won; the observant twins fan will know right off which game I attended) and otherwise spend a weekend in a state of utter relaxation. Consider that mission accomplished.

The HHH Milk Jug in all its glory.

So you may ask, why did I bring my camera in the Dome to take a few pictures of the proceedings? Mainly because I could. Partly because I figured that the shot above would make for an excellent wallpaper for my system (and it does). But also because the last time I went and came back, I had a hard time making people believe that there was the mother of all milk jugs sitting by the Baggie off the first base line. So, to your right I provide evidence for those disbelieving eyes.

And no, I did not touch the milk jug. I mean, it's been sitting there for little over a year now!

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Blogger raven said:
welcome back. hope it was a relaxing trip. nice ... um ... jug ... :O
commented 10:43 PM, May 27, 2004