Open Mouth, Insert...


As you can probably tell, I've done some tweaking to the CSS of this blog. You'll notice two things that I did. One, I switched from a serifed font (Georgia) to a sans-serifed font (Verdana) within the posts. I did this because I found that old common wisdom to be true: sans-serif fonts are the more readable fonts on the screen, and I finally decided to do something about it. I still like the way the sidebar and the serifed titles look, so they stayed as is.

Two, I've added a p:hover declaration to lighten the color of paragraph text in my posts when you hover the mouse over them (this doesn't work in IE, though). I do this to get the links in the paragraphs to pop out at the reader just a little more. I'd been using this in the last couple of templates for BlogSkins and it was about time to bring it over here.

Any thoughts?

Update: I got feedback that the p:hover color was too light compared to the original color, so the effect of popping the links forward wasn't as subtle as it could have been. So I played around a bit and decided to use a greenish color (#553) instead. It's more subtle a change while still getting the effect I wanted, and the green goes better with the rest of the layout.

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