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Those Crazy Brits

Two more reasons why I like to listen to the BBC World News via my local public radio station on the drive home from work:

  1. The sports reporter referring to the Vancouver Canucks (hockey team for those few that don't know) as the Kuh-NOOKS.
  2. This off hand remark after the reporter finished reading an item where Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond were going to sing a duet at an upcoming Kerry rally: "Going to be a ghastly experience."

2 comment(s):

Blogger oyster said:
"Ghastly" is certainly underused in the States.

I used a template of yours. Many thanks.
commented 4:56 PM, July 12, 2004
Blogger MK said:
The thing was, it wasn't the use of the word "ghastly" that got me laughing. It was the way he made his remark: somewhere between a stage aside and simply muttering to himself, delivered very dryly.

That, and he uttered the pure and utter truth of the situation.
commented 5:12 PM, July 12, 2004