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New Email Address

I've given in.

After weeks of ignoring the standing invitation for all Blogger users, I've decided to give Gmail a try. I like the thought of having one gigabyte of space available to me, and I love the thought of not seeing acres upon acres of spam clogging my inbox (at least, for now). I'll have to play around with the system some more before I can give a yea or nay about whether I like it, and why. So I'll use the new account as the primary account for a period of one month. If I don't like it, the old account will still be available. Otherwise, the "switch" will be permanent.

In that spirit, I've changed the appropriate contact info so the people that read the blog will know the new address, and in thirty days I'll send the grand notice to everyone if it sticks.

I'll let you know of what I think of different features as I use them.

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Hey, it's natalie from Countdown to Calgary...I've had gmail for about a month now, and I am extremely impressed, particularly with the spam control. When mysterious penis enlargement ads appear, and in a month there have only been 2, I simply click a Report Spam button annd not only is that address permanently blocked and traced, but the message itself is permanently deleted.

I also have a zillion digital pictures in my inbox, a result of my future landlord sending me pictures of my new house, and am using less than 1% of my storage space. Hotmail would have chocked by now.

I think you'll be impressed. =)
commented 1:11 PM, May 31, 2004
Blogger MK said:
I've liked what I've seen out of Gmail so far. The concept of labels instead of folders has taken a little getting used to, but now that I'm used to it I actually this new way better. Not to mention I like the fact it groups emails according to conversations. It's much easier to track what's going on in a long thread this way.
commented 3:38 PM, May 31, 2004