Open Mouth, Insert...

And the Snow Said, "What a World, What a World!"

I figured it wouldn't happen, but work was cancelled for today. I have to work this weekend but since I had to anyway on account that my building works a normal schedule during every end of month, that's no big deal. I just won't get the overtime pay for Saturday (which will cover the remainder of my regular 40 hours).

So this afternoon I decided to trek outside my apartment with my digital camera to check out the culprit. For two hours (with about a 30-minute break for lunch—I hadn't eaten yet) I walked here and there taking pictures at anything that looked interesting. It was harder than I thought as I was under the impression that it was colder outside than it was, and thus more unmelted snow. I even briefly wondered why my shift had been cancelled—I was sure that I could get out to work, no problem. But that's beside the point; I ended up with about thirty pictures of varying quality.

Picture of snow on a dumpster.

When I got back home and moved the pictures from the camera to the computer, one jumped out at me. It (as you can see to the right) is an accumulation of snow on the open lid of a metal dumpster which was melting in the afternoon heat. I tried to get a picture of the snow in mid-drip, but couldn't. Staring at it at home though, I couldn't help but think that it would make a good background for something. But for what?

I realized then that I had the itch to make up another blog design. I had another one in progress (tentatively called "Toasted" as it's crispy and golden-brown) but I knew that this picture wouldn't fit. So I whipped up a quick little template that used the picture, called it "Melting" and sent it out into the world.

Now this was what I call a "snow day". Too bad winter's almost over...

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