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Snow in the South, Redux

You just knew this post was coming, didn't you?

It is still snowing outside as I type this, though it doesn't feel as bad as the previous wintry storms that we've had in North Carolina this winter. The difference? As I had put it in a LiveJournal response just a few minutes earlier, no sleet, freezing rain or icy death has fallen. Just snow. Monstrous, wet flakes of the stuff that's melting at all the places it should be melting (The roads, which are salted heavily enough that you could make asphalt jerky. If you wanted to...) and accumulating everywhere else. So far, it's been gorgeous, not dangerous. I'm at work right now, and if there wasn't a ban on digital cameras in the facility I would have dragged it outside to get a shot of the stand of pines opposite the parking lot, as each tree is covered just on one side with snow. A beautiful sight. I did get a couple of shots of the apartment complex before I ran off to work, so maybe I can get them together when I get home.

Of course, all of this "nice" wintry weather could turn all wrong during the evening when all of the melted snow freezes up into a solid mass and makes driving home from work a horror. My gut feeling is that it won't happen, but we'll see.

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