Open Mouth, Insert...

Snowy Roads

A bush outside my apartment with snow covering it.

The weather wasn't as bad as I figured it was going to be, but I took a half-day's vacation anyway just to make sure that a) my sanity stayed as intact as normal, and b) that I don't get stranded at work. So I said my good-byes, grabbed myself some Chinese food and trundled on home. I was pleasantly surprised over how clear the roads were. Granted I live off of a major artery in and out of Raleigh, so if any roads were to be worked on first it'll be the ones leading to my apartment complex, but the roads looked and drove like they were hit by rain instead of a few inches of snow. I don't know whether the local DOT or good old thermal dynamics was the reason behind this (I'd guess the latter), but I'm grateful regardless.

At any rate, here (as sort-of promised) is one of the pictures I took this afternoon before going to work. It's my favorite of the six that I shot as you can really see just how big the snowflakes were when it was really coming down.

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