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I'm having too much fun watching the site statistics from NedStats roll in. The latest? Yesterday, OM,I had a hit logged in from Croatia. Croatia?! What would people in Croatia want with this little site? Not that I'm upset by this; I'm just curious. I'm also getting a decent amount of hits from Spanish-speaking countries, but I can tell that the majority of that is coming from which (while it doesn't seem to be up as I'm writing now) uses a nicely modified version of "Snow and Ice". So, my top ten non-US hit list stands like this:

  1. Singapore
  2. Canada
  3. Spain
  4. (tie) Australia, United Kingdom
  5. The Netherlands
  6. (tie) Switzerland, Japan
  7. (four-way tie) Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Portugal

I'm pretty sure this information won't interest most of you in the slightest. But I've found this affirmation of the "World" portion of the World Wide Web to be fascinating. Now to figure out why they're coming...

Speaking of how people are getting to OM,I, I had two funny referrals over the past week that I need to share. The first was from a Google search on "camera in the mouth of a killer whale." Okay, I don't care what a killer whale's normal diet is, I'm going anywhere near its mouth. Especially with a camera. The second was from a search on BlogSkins. The referring url is the funny part: for=3+column&action%3D=Go.

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