Open Mouth, Insert...

Nothing to See Here

Yes, there's been a slight gap in the programming here. I can easily blame it on City of Heroes but to be realistic, there hasn't been much to talk about. Unless you really wanted me to talk about my marginal exploits in CoH. No? Okay, then. Hopefully this is a sign that I'm coming up for air (I don't even know sometimes), so you'll be hearing more from me in this space.

There are a couple of points that have been brought up in the meantime that I want to address:

  • I recently got a email asking when this design is going to BlogSkins. The short answer is I Don't Know. I do know that I won't be releasing Rounded (that's what this design is called for those who don't know) into the wild until I have a design I'm happy with that can replace it. I told the person in the email maybe two weeks, but even that looks like an unattainable goal. Do I like Rounded? Yes. Do I think I can do better? Definitely. Have I? Not yet. And that's my dilemma right now.
  • Speaking of BlogSkins, as much as the tenor of the community is beginning to sour on me (which could be a topic for another day), I haven't neglected it altogether. I have a growing number of half-done designs that are waiting to get polished up and sent out. Most of these are attempts at an OMI redesign, which is my first priority as far as designing goes.

Now if I can only rip myself away from CoH long enough...

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