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The Highly Improbables

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Most of you reading this should already know that I play City of Heroes. A lot. Now, one of the features of the game is that you can participate in a supergroup (and form one once you get to level 10). Right now, since there aren't bases for them in-game, supergroups are glorified friends lists with color-coordinated costumes.

I've also noticed that there have been a number of supergroups out there (The Panthers, CCCP, and, okay, Carl and Sons, are examples) that seem highly organized, with group outings in-game, websites out of game, that sort of thing. And quite frankly, I'm jealous. Not to mention the fact that my little one-person supergroup ("The Highly Improbables") looks, well, pathetic in comparison. It's motivating me to do something with the group.

So, I'm going on a recruiting drive, starting with my readers. I know that most of you that read this (and play) are mature players, which is what I'm looking for; the fewer asshats I have to claim responsibility for, the better. Besides, beyond the name, I'm open for any and all suggestions (color combination, slogan, websites, that sort of thing).

Any takers?

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