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I had written a rambling and badly-written bit about the Montreal Expos' upcoming move to Washington, D.C., but I squelched it. Partly, it was because of how poorly it was written. Mostly though it was due to this wrenching feeling that, if the circumstances were slightly different, it could have been my favorite team, who were the Expos' partners in "contraction" during the winter of 2000-01.

So I can't write an appropriate eulogy for a team that I feel a twinge of guilt for seeing become what could very likely be the third incarnation of the Washington Senators, a team that "died" twice before. Especially when the Senators' first incarnation became the Minnesota Twins, whose three-year reign in the AL Central I am currently enjoying.

Montreal, you deserved better than you received.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
Consider how much different the world would be if the Senators had hired Castro back in the 50s. Everything stems from that oversight...

commented 9:08 AM, September 30, 2004
Blogger raven said:
i read there was a petition making the rounds to call them the greys in honor of the negro league team that used to play in washington. i like that much more than some suggestions i've seen. republi-crats? ew. that's just asking for it.
commented 3:04 PM, September 30, 2004
Blogger MK said:
The Greys would be a good idea, but my gut instinct would be to name them either the Senators or the Nationals, which Washington used interchangeably until about the 1956 season.

The symmetry in calling them the Senators, though strange and wrenching on some near-subconscious level, is somewhat appealing. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment as far as this goes. Or maybe I want to be both Twins-Senators and Rangers-Senators games played in my lifetime. Who knows?
commented 1:02 AM, October 01, 2004
Blogger raven said:
unfortunately, you'll have to wait a while for that. but let me not start grumbling about hockey now ...
commented 12:08 PM, October 01, 2004