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By the Wayside

Well, it's official. As of right now, I will be...preparing for next year's NaNoWriMo. I am not conceding for lack of ideas; in fact, I've got a number of different ideas rolling around in my head waiting to be used in some fashion. No, it was simply the rigors of buying a house (or a townhouse, in my case) that has sucked away all of my time this month.

Do I feel bad about stopping my NaNo ride here? Not really. The ride had really stopped a couple of weeks ago, I'm just admitting to it now. What I'll be getting in its stead (and I need to get around to posting photos...) more than makes up for whatever I lose for not finishing NaNo this year. Besides, I'll be getting a jump on next year's NaNo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
And now I must ask, how far did you get before you quit? 

Posted by Tsaiko
commented 6:11 PM, November 16, 2004
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Not far at all. I got about one good day's worth of writing in before all the house stuff swallowed me whole. 

Posted by MK
commented 10:25 AM, November 17, 2004