Open Mouth, Insert...


It's getting close to that time of year again. In less than one week's time, thousands of people will be wearing green and get themselves stinking drunk in an effort to pretend that they are Irish. That's right; ye olde Feastday of St. Patrick. I'm nowhere near full-blooded Irish (I probably have most of Western Europe flowing through my veins; ah, that crazy metling pot called America!) but I have enough to have always felt a little thin-skinned about the "holiday."

It wasn't always this way. In grade school, I had this pine-green sweater that I would only wear on March 17th, which combined with my red hair would practically scream "I'm more Irish than any of you!" when I walked into a room (and it worked too, except for when I lived in Minnesota; I had a classmate whose name was Keiran, so I had to defer to him). Now, as I've grown to witness the sheer stupidity of green beer and watching people fawn over a country that they wouldn't give a second thought to during the rest of the year, I've soured on the feastday-as-worldwide-holiday/drunken-revelry.

Normally, during St. Patrick's Day, when someone would ask me why I'm not wearing green, I grumble "I'm Irish" and they'll get the hint. This year, I decided to submit a quickly-put-together skin to BlogSkins called "Irishesque," so when those people come to ask me this year, I can direct them there.

Hopefully, this will satifsy their curiosity enough to go back to their green beer...

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