Open Mouth, Insert...


I've released the first template to BlogSkins in over two months, and I've called it Monochrome. Okay, so it's not really monochrome. In fact, my first name for it was Seminole, but I was pretty sure that the reference would have fallen on deaf ears. So I chose Monochrome to reflect how simple the skin is.

When I posted it, I said that Monochrome was the first in a series of failed attempts to redesign this blog. I liked the simplicity, but it felt like too much of a departure from the olive, garnet and orange scheme that I've come to identify this blog by.

For whatever reason BlogSkins hasn't had (or been able to take) the chance to update their Blogger rendering engine to reflect all of the new tags. Since I know that it'll render correctly in the new Blogger engine, however, that's a minor quibble and one that I addressed when I posted Monochrome.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
$BlogItemPremalinkURL$ needs to be PERMAlink..:)
commented 3:29 PM, July 16, 2004
Blogger MK said:
Whoops! That bug has been found and squashed, and the code on BlogSkins has been revised to reflect that. Thanks, anonymous poster!
commented 10:09 PM, July 16, 2004