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A Question about City of Heroes

Okay, I have a stupid question for those of you that play City of Heroes. But first, a little bit of setup so those that don't play can follow along:

In the game you play in a metropolis (ahem) called Paragon City, which is divided into several different zones by large energy barriers. They're probably there to fortify the designers' collective sanity, but they have an interesting in-game explanation for them which I can't find right now. At any rate, within these zones are more nebulously-defined neighborhoods, each with its own name.

In the zone called Skyway City, there is a neighborhood called The Land of the Lost. It's in the far south of the zone for those that have been there. To me it begs the question:

Where are the stop-motion dinosaurs? Wouldn't that make a crazy kind of sense? Would anyone get the joke?

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Actually, I think they went one better on making a joke of it. The name's an homage (as are others: Perez Park is all about comics, and Romero Heights can be found in zombie laden Dark Astoria) but it is also where (drumroll) the highest concentration of Lost in Skyway city is.

I entirely missed the underlying pun until someone on broadcast asked where to find Lost in Skyway.
commented 5:07 PM, August 03, 2004
Blogger MK said:
Yes, I remember chuckling at that, too. It's definitely a "Prince Albert in a Can" moment...
commented 6:13 PM, August 03, 2004