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Backgrounds and Winning Baseball

I normally don't consider myself to be a superstitious person, but since the world of baseball is notorious for its...ahem...habits I've been starting to wonder if this might Mean Something.

You see, when I went up to Minnesota back in May, I was able to get this wonderful interior shot of the Metrodome during the one Twins game that I went to (this was Brad Radke's excellent outing against the White Sox, and also the last time anyone would see the Twins offense for the next few weeks). I even posted it in miniature on this very blog. I also promptly installed it as the background of both my laptop and, when I returned to North Carolina, my work desktop.

And the Twins promptly slumped.

At the time, I didn't notice any correllation. But after about a month I got bored with looking at the Dome (I think it's a great picture but it's a little too busy to be a good background graphic for computer work) and decided to change the wallpaper to something less baseball-centric. This was right around the beginning of July.

And the Twins started winning again.

This past Friday I decided, on a whim, to re-install the Dome picture as my background. The Twins turned around and played five of the most excruciating games I had ever witnessed as a Twins fan, losing 3 of 4 (or was it 8?) to the Athletics and dropping one to the suddenly lowly Mariners.

This afternoon I switched back to a non-baseball background. Let's see what happens.

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