Open Mouth, Insert...

Hostagey Pucks

This evening, I was working while listening to my local public radio station when "As It Happens", a Canadian news digest, came on with an interview with a Canadian journalist that had been freed just a couple of days ago. After talking in exquisite (if not graphic) detail about his time spent as a hostage, including talk of the excruciating torture he went through, the journalist was finally asked when he was going to get the heck out of Iraq. (Alas, the transcript isn't up yet, since it was a riveting interview and deserving of another listen.)

His answer, paraphrased: "Hopefully on Wednesday, if the paperwork comes through, since I have a local Thursday-night hockey league game to go to--if not in uniform, then at least behind the bench supporting the boys."

And up to that point I was actually wondering how he could sound so calm over the phone. Because he's a hockey player!

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