Open Mouth, Insert...

Them's Fightin' Words!

Before I forget again, I want you (one and all) to stop what you are doing and check out this post covering what you didn't see during the Twins' win over the rival White Sox Tuesday night. Even if you aren't a Twins fan. Even if you aren't a baseball fan in general. Maybe not if you're a White Sox fan though; it might hurt your feelings.

And it's all true...

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Blogger Francey said:
Ahahaha! I don't even follow baseball, and I thought that was funny. Lego people? ingenious!
commented 4:26 PM, August 03, 2004
Blogger Greg said:
And here I thought the Chicago papers were doing a fine job of covering the White Sox getting blasted. None of those stories were quite this funny, though. Thanks for the link.

(It's also nice to see a site that would like LaTroy Hawkins to head back to the Twins. They can have 'im. I'd prefer that the Cubs never ride that roller coaster again.)
commented 4:27 PM, August 03, 2004
Blogger MK said:
And that is why Batgirl is on my frequent reads list.

BTW, with Juan "Boo Berry" Rincon setting up for Joe "Count Chocula" Nathan to close out every magically delicious Twins win, they really don't need The Hawk back. Besides, you might want to know that a) he's better as a setup guy than a closer (Or a starter. Trust me on this one...), and b) he's good for about one comically good outburst a year. I remember a game at the Dome last year when Hawk was tossed (then went ape%*#) for having his chair in the bullpen too close to the foul line. Fun stuff...
commented 6:10 PM, August 03, 2004
Blogger Greg said:
Yeah, I think I remember reading that he's historically been a far better setup man than anything else. The Cubs seem to be developing a knack for finding men who are better in the 8th inning than the 9th. (Kyle Farnsworth, by all rights, should close for that team, because he throws 100 mph without a second thought. But he's not.)

Of course, maybe it's better than watching Joe Borowski blow saves instead. I don't know.
commented 6:57 PM, August 03, 2004