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I Nuked My Weekend From Orbit

I'll admit it, my weekend was a waste. I could blame it on football; there were many interesting games going on despite a distinct lack of Purple in the teams playing (Mel, Mike Martz is a wuss. Discuss.) this weekend. I must lay blame, however, on rampaging man-eating monsters from outer space.


You see, I picked up the Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set, and have been working my way through the set. The only problem? There's too much to see! Each of the four films comes in its original theatrical release *and* a special edition version, both with commentaries. Also, each film comes with a second DVD with exhaustive--and enlightening--making-of documentaries. Finally, there's a ninth disc filled with whatever bric-a-brac they couldn't fit elsewhere.

I skipped past Alien (as I already had it on DVD--and it's special edition will be the last thing I see in the set) and spent the weekend with Aliens and AlienĀ³. The highlights were the special edition of AlienĀ³, which added 30 minutes and made the film watchable for more than David Fincher's outrageous visual style, and an interview in the Aliens supplement where James Horner drops that psuedo-British accent as he rants about the troubles during his scoring of the film followed by a hilarious coda where he talks about how he and Jim Cameron patched things up in time to do Titanic. At least I found it funny.

And I haven't even touched any of the commentaries! This set is going to take a long time to go through, I'll tell you.

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