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Recovering From a Lost Week

Ever had a week, an entire week, where you felt unable to do anything besides eat, sleep, and a minimal amount of work? I can almost see a good number of you nodding. A show of hands? Good, so I'm not alone.

This last week was that kind of week for me. After Monday (when I ran a couple of errands before heading to work—like getting one of my rear tires fixed after it had a run-in with a nail) I felt I couldn't do anything besides eat, sleep and do the minimum amount of work to make sure that everyone knew I was still alive. No writing. No designing. Nothing. It was as though every creative thought in my brain had evaporated.

What a crappy feeling.

It would be too easy to peg that bug that laid me out mid-week, but it didn't help that I moved my office at work right after recovering from the worst effects of said bug. The new space is smaller than what I had, and was designed and built using kitchen supplies. That is, instead of a desk and a hutch to place stuff, I have counter space (which looks much like the countertops in my parents' kitchen) and kitchen cabinets. Oh, the "witty" comments I have had to endure! The countertops are too tall or the chair I have is too small; take your pick. If that plus a couple of niggling issues I won't go into here get fixed, it'll be a pleasant place to work. Now though it's merely tolerable.

I guess the point of it is that I'm not as able to deal with change as effortlessly as I used to. You figure that someone who moved a total of six times before turning 20 would have had that change thing down by now. Maybe I'm getting old, and the fact of change is affecting me in ways I'd never seen before.

So what am I doing to help me get over this crappy week of mine? Yep, change. A couple friends and I are starting a friendly competition amongst ourselves to write at least 500 words a day. I'll be posting whatever I write in friends-only posts on the LiveJournal, so if I have you as a LJ friend, then you can follow along with my ramblings. Given how much the other two write (and write) I'm likely destined to lose the competition, but I'm still fuzzy on the rules anyway. Of course, I've been fuzzy on everything lately, so who could blame me?

I wonder if my random gripings here will count towards my total? Hmm...

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